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Morocco is a culturally rich country thanks to the mixture of several civilizations: Amazigh, Arab-Muslim and Andalusian. This diversity, which manifests itself every day in craftsmanship, architecture and way of life. Take a tour of the aisles of our blog to find out more.

Moroccan caftan: everything you need to know about this traditional garment

The Moroccan caftan is a traditional dress Moroccan in the form of a long dress. It is a appearance clothing of Moroccan women…

Moroccan Weddings: What You Need to Know

If you’re planning to get married in Morocco or if you’re visiting to attend a wedding in Morocco, knowing what to expect can…

The New Tile Trend We Just Can’t Get Enough Of

For the last three months, I have spent every single weekend trawling through thousands of images of wall tiles on Pinterest and…


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